The authentic Miso Katsu I ate in Nagoya went to play 3 years ago was de...

I went to Niigata.

I went to Niigata. The restaurant is basically Koshihikari and is delicious. The one I would like to recommend is Wasabi. I feel something different from just cooked rice. It is also different from a kamome. It is a dish steamed with cooked salmon, salmon and the like put in the cooked rice. I thought that Niigata cuisine is tasty. However, I went to a certain shop and ordered a picket and miso soup with pork cutlet set. This was pretty good item. There are things that include scallops and mushrooms as well as shavings. As we entered the store with five people, everyone ordered something different. After that, I exchanged and enjoyed it. Koshihikari and the taste of the material were exquisite and all were delicious. I remember being caught while eating with cucumber 's fresh incense. Wasabi is a new local cuisine and I think it is relatively minor in the whole country. If someone you know, it might be amazing. I hope you go whenever you go to Niigata. I see you in Niigata Prefecture. I definitely recommend it.

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